This past Wednesday, I was put in a position to take another step of faith in this journey.  My manager and the next manager up were ready to announce to the rest of my co-workers the plans for me to step away from my job at the Bank in May/June 2016.  Both wanted to make sure that I was certain on the time frame prior to announcing, as they did not want me to leave earlier than needed.  I cannot say with certainty what things will look like in May.  What I do know is that I have been called to the field, I have been called to Berlin and God has people prepared to make provision for this call.  I do not know the timing.  God often calls us to take steps as He leads despite uncertainty about the final destination.  My question was, “Is this a step God wants me to take”?  In addition to the uncertainty, I had some unhealthy fear when this topic was brought up.  This type of fear sounds more like the enemy than it does God’s leading.


I immediately contacted those that have committed to pray for us and friends that have been faithful to walk beside us in this journey.  From the time I contacted them, these people prayed and reached out with personal stories, points of reflection, questions for me to consider as I prayed and links to sermons & articles.  God used these prayer warriors and complete strangers to confirm His call for this next step.  I even had a waitress at lunch on Thursday, who knew nothing about my journey, share her story of God’s provision for His call in her life during an uncertain time and then pray for me and family.  Ask God a question and He will answer.


Friday I set my departure date as May 27, 2016.  This date will be a little over 6 weeks from my 15th anniversary as a Banker.  The unhealthy fear is gone.  I still don’t know what things will look like in May, but that peace, which until 4 years ago was unusual for me in uncertainty, is very strong right now.  God has reminded me that each time we have taken a step of faith He has always been there guarding the path from where we came, walking with us in each step, and meeting us in the place that He has prepared in advance.


I am looking forward to what God is planning and thankful that He provides clarity in His call.

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