Looking back at the past year it is amazing to see all that God has done.  Above is the house we called home for several years.  We officially sold the house on June 27, 2014, as we made preparation for a new season in our lives.  After a few crazy weeks living in a friend’s home for a week (THANK YOU), spending some time visiting a missionary team in Haiti, a few nights with family (nothing says success like moving in with your parents a month before you turn 34) and a few nights in the Cedar Bluff Hampton Inn; the 6 of us moved into an apartment into a space about half the size of what we use to call home.  I can’t believe a year has flown by while living here.  God has certainly granted us a great amount of peace with the move and we truly enjoy it.  I hope the next year sees us moving into a new apartment with a Berlin “Postleitzahl” instead of a Knoxville zip code.

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