Have you ever seen the movie Twister? At the end they are in the middle of this massive tornado and as they look up it is amazing. I think that is what our life feels like right now.

We are in the process of raising monthly support so that we can begin our time of ministry in Berlin. This means many days of planning and preparing, letters, calls, meetings, and presentations. Along with this we have training classes and let us not forget figuring out social media! While all of these new things are going on “regular life” continues on too.

Life can at times feel like a tornado but when we stop and just look up we remember what an amazing thing is taking place around us. We realize what He is doing in each of ours hearts separately yet simultaneously. It is amazing!! He bonding our family together in ways I never imagined. He is using this time not only to allow us to finish the work He has called us to here but also to prepare us for the work He is calling all of us into.

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