I love how God gives us the opportunity to choose His way, even when it goes against what we originally desired. As part of this process we sold our house and moved into an apartment. With this move the younger two ended up in a new school district. This would have impacted Joshua more than Eva as this is Eva’s first year in school. We applied for a transfer to keep the younger two in the original school district. This was to minimize change in their lives seeing as in the near future much will be changing in their lives. We really wanted them in the original school district.


A few weeks before school started we received a letter that denied our transfer request. That week Joshua “out of nowhere” began to talk about how fun it would be to go to new school, mainly because he could ride the bus. The day before we received the letter, Denise was prompted to pray about Joshua and Eva’s relationships as she was driving by the new school. After we received the notice several of our prayer warriors began praying for a smooth transition and many felt that God was using a small change to prepare them for bigger changes. As a family we drove to the new school and began to prayer walk the school building. It was so comforting to see how God had already prepared Joshua, who usually gets sentimental when things change, by allowing him to be excited about a new school before he even knew a new school was an option and then how He led us in how to pray for our children. Though it wasn’t what we wanted, there was so much peace in the process.


Then a week later, Saturday’s mail comes. In the mail were two envelopes approving transfers for both children. Our request had been granted. What we wanted was available. As we prayed Saturday, God blessed us with the ability to choose His way and not our desires. It is a strange blessing, but as I dropped Joshua off at his new school today, I was so thankful that I didn’t get what I wanted. He could have just shut the door and it would have been clear, but instead He made His way clear and then gave us the ability to choose His will. I love being a part of this adventure and clearly seeing His hand at work in our lives.



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