The City of Berlin

Berlin is Germany’s largest city and the second most populous city in the European Union. So why are we uprooting our comfortable lives to take the Gospel to Berlin?

Why Europe

Why should U.S. churches care about Europe?

Berlin is a city of 3.9 million people.

A 2012 University of Chicago study confirmed that the former East Germany is one of the least religious places on the entire planet


of population is of non-German origin


1/3 of Berlin residents live alone


of population are Christians


of Christians are over 50 years old

Who We Are

First off…this WAS NOT part of the plan! Growing up Aaron wanted to be a lawyer, and Denise wanted to be a nurse. God had already changed those plans as Aaron is a banker and Denise is a stay at home mom. Though Aaron does get to do a lot of arguing and making points…..with the kids and Denise definitely gets to play nurse plenty with 4 kids in the house, including two very rambunctious boys!

Aaron grew up in a small town in Scott County, Tn. He was raised in church and became a Christian at the age of 8. His years of schooling lead him into banking where he remains at the moment until the Lord is ready to send them off to Berlin.

Denise grew up in Memphis, TN. She became a Christian just 2 weeks before her 23rd birthday. Her life had been filled with a lot of ups and downs up to that moment. She grabbed a hold of Jesus and never looked back. Now she too anxiously awaits the day the Lord allows them head off to Berlin, Germany.

If you’d like to hear more of our story, watch the two videos below. If you want to learn more about partnering with us, click here.

News & Updates

My Berlin: The District of Marzahn

“Americans Don’t Live in Marzahn” – A quote from a neighbor as he heard our accent. It’s not that we are not welcome, we just stand out as "well off westerners" who typically do not call Marzahn home. We stand out as more of a curiosity. Berlin is often called “sexy,...

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The first way to partner with us is by praying for us, praying for the people of Berlin, and praying for Europe.  We need a solid backing of prayer. Please pray regularly for God’s Spirit to build the foundation for our ministry & our relationships with the people of Berlin.

The second way to partner with us is by participating on our monthly financial support team.  It is monthly support that keeps things moving & helps us minister consistently throughout months & years.  We need many individuals & several churches to invest in our ministry to complete the support partnership.

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